Wedding Mix

I made an 8tracks mix with a few of the songs we played at our weddings. (art, Damien Hirst) While guests filtered in, we played the entirety of Davy Graham’s perfect album The Guitar Player. During the reception, we unleashed a monster, four hour playlist of love songs. For the long one, we enlisted the […]

On Tying the Knot Two or Three Times…

Dean and I have now been married twice (technically three times), in front of both of our grandmas, in different time zones, and with different celebrants. It’s on the books all over the place that we’re crazy about each other! London living room wedding (Pimm’s, Victoria sponge cake, Betty Boop, and five frenzied shi-tzus) Buffalo […]

The Wedding Thing: Cameras

I’ve been told we’ll regret it but Dean and I decided not to hire a professional photographer. We had lovely photos taken by a pro back when we got engaged but, honestly, we kinda forgot about it after we sent the prints off to our folks. It was a great experience, photography just isn’t a […]

The Wedding Thing: Invitations

Hooray! We’ve finished making our sweet, simple invitations. Printed, cut out, and popped in the mail (err, most of ’em!): Dean and I are getting married in three months… twice! Our first wedding is in Upstate New York, our second is a couple days later in London. Most of our Seattle friends won’t be able […]