Wak Wak Island mix

I made another 8tracks mix. Incidentally, it’s full of downers but ones I happen to love. My perfect set of songs for staying up past bedtime. Stellar friend mixes: David’s ‘Wildly Fun Sounds of Mexico & South America‘ Eric’s ‘August Psychedelics‘

End of August Mix

Dean likes to tease that he can predict every song I’m going to play right before I play it. Well, fair enough. I’ve definitely been stuck on the same bands all summer- they just fit. :) You can listen to my mix on 8tracks. Other 8tracks mixes I love: Eric’s ‘Places to Go‘ Nate’s ‘Sushi, […]

My Summer Mix

Here’s my summer mix- it’s short and sweet, like summers in Seattle. I wouldn’t say there’s a deliberate theme here, though they are all songs I have a hard time not singing/humming along to (loudly and off key). You can listen to the whole thing on 8tracks (what a great site! I love listening to […]