Halloween in Athens

aka “Halloween Highlights with Wu” aka “Too Many Phone Photos!” Halloween is my favorite holiday and, luckily, it’s Athens’ favorite holiday too. I only stayed in three days the entire month of October and still missed about a half dozen movie screenings, the costumed dog parade, and who-knows-what-else. Here are a few of the highlights: […]

Halloween: A Jumbled Recap

To borrow the words of my co-worker, Halloween is essentially a month-long holiday in Athens. It’s one of the many things that makes this town so special. (I started this post right after Halloween but here I am at the airport, rushing to finish before my flight. I’ll fix any glaring typos or misses at […]

Horror-ble People

This Halloween will be awesome but a little less awesome than usual since I’ll be celebrating so far from my Halloween soul mate, Kristy. We’ve decorated and dressed up together A LOT over the years. Here’s a li’l collection of almost all the costumes and seasonal geekery. (Still kicking myself for not getting a photo […]

Twin Peaks Brunch

Happy Halloween! This year, we celebrated with cherry pie and damn good coffee (and hot!). Kristy as Nadine Hurley, me as the Log Lady. Bwah. Kristy never hesitates to geek out with me. Such a good friend! Looking for the bathroom? Just look for Killer BOB. The next photo is Kristy’s living room after we […]


Here are the pumpkins James and I carved this year. As you can see, he carved his for real- creating a pretty amazing Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. I was short on time so I cheated and cut out a silhouette from black poster board. It’s supposed to be the devil from Fantasia’s Night on […]

Hiding Out on Halloween

Waiting for Dean to get home from work so we can cuddle up in pajamas, enjoy some take-out food, and watch Les Diaboliques. It’s been a strange couple days. I can’t believe all the havoc Hurricane Sandy’s wreaked on my home coast. We’re grateful our family and friends are safe. Ay yi yi… Anyway, it’ll […]

Killer Party

Sunday morning, we had our friends over for a Cults and Killers themed brunch. Dean and I first talked about throwing this party a couple months ago to celebrate our wedding, our (minor) move, and James’s (big) move. But, ya know, we weren’t timely so it became a Halloween brunch instead. I think from a […]

October leftovers

A few more highlights from Halloween: The fabulous hosts, dressed for the occasion as the Green Fairy and Nyarlathotep (an HP Lovecraft character, in case, like me, you didn’t know). This is how most of the party looked- dark, cool, and spooky. The house was tricked out with all sorts of decorations and performance lights. […]

Happy Halloween!

We fit in most of the festivities in this weekend. Now that it’s Halloween proper, we’re staying home, ordering pizza, and watching scary movies. OoOoOoOo *image sources marked on Pinterest ‘It Came in the Night!’ Last but not least, the gorgeous and brutal ‘Night on Bald Mountain’- my favorite part of Fantasia.