Sourwood Trail

This week was TENSE. I’m relieved Trump was not re-elected but with some personal stuff going on, I found myself more confused and restless than usual. It’s a pandemic mood, but I really had to get the hell out of my house and peep some fall leaves. I’m glad I finally checked out the Sourwood Trail at Lake Russell. It’s right in the foothills of the mountains… but because it isn’t a mountain, I’d never prioritized it. I went by myself, there wasn’t another soul in sight. 3 easy-but-not-too-easy miles, the trees were poppin, and there are pretty views of Nancytown Creek and Falls throughout. I wish fall lasted as long as summer does here.

Cruise Down Spooky Street

I am so glad to live in a town that loves Halloween as much as I do! Of course, this was a quiet, pandemic Halloween but I love how many houses/yard decorated for the holiday, encouraged by Flagpole’s decorated yard contest. These were my favorites on Boo-levard

James n Jen posing in front of Alicia and Matt’s Eyeball Mansion

Melinda and Ken are the reigning queen and king of Halloween- every year, their yard is on another level! Every time I went by, I noticed something new- that baby doll with the beard!

RIP Go Bar. Loving tribute by Jess- Ghost Bar

Jess also made this incredible spider house. Fall in Athens is crawling with joro spiders

Maybe my favorite house this Halloween! I wish I were friends with the couple living there- they decorate for every holiday. I can’t wait to see the inflatable turkey for Thanksgiving!

IMO this tree is better than the Tree That Owns Itself

I always love Eli Saragoussi’s stuff

I don’t know the humans but I loved meeting this dog, Goose! Hahaaa, can’t stop laughing at this photo. He looks so cute and guilty.

RIP to our UFO cats again! Was fun while they lasted.

“I Remember Halloween”

My favorite month of the year has passed but I will be holding onto to spooky season for as long as possible. I was so psyched to be a part of Flicker’s Halloween art show alongside so many cool local artists. Flicker is my favorite bar in town. I’ve popped in but I miss hanging out there so much.

LOL, I can’t stop overworking this thing.

James! I’m so glad to have befriended him this year- his detail is off the chain.




Joe D.!


I actually do not know Marisa but I love her devil butterfly so much!

Space Cat Invasion

Looks like the election day asteroid will miss us but Amber and I made some cute space cats and flying saucers anyway. This is part of Flagpole’s Cruise Down Spooky Street. We had a great time creating this. Thanks to our workplace, TSAV, for letting us plant this alien invasion on the front lawn!

Unfortunately, our space ships were shortlived- Tropical Storm Zeta does not fuck around! But the cats still stand thru Halloween!

Sunset on Bell Mountain

I love that we have seen a sunrise and now a sunset atop two graffitied mountains together. There is a frankly terrifying road leading up to the summit, with no pulloffs until you’re almost at the top. Then there are some serious stairs up to the observation deck. But the 360 degree view of the mountains and lakes are fantastic. In the way it’s nice to see the world slowly wake up with the dawn, it’s nice to see it wind down and get quiet at dusk.

North Carolina Re-Do

No injuries, chaos or near death experiences on our return to North Carolina! Just peak fall foliage, mountains, waterfalls, and a wealth of food n alcohol.

Us n the Wall, Bugle witch fingers

Graveyard Fields

Horse camp!

Camp feast! Chicken jalapeno hot dogs, salmon dip, berries, fancy cheeses, local bread and roasted veggies

Schoolhouse Falls. We had to wade through the icy water to get to the falls which was bracing but fun!

So pretty, omggg

Looking Glass Falls

Hidden River Cave

Ah, another pretty window cave opening. This was really different from the other caves we saw. It’s gotten flooded so many formations are covered in mud. The tour guide told us it’ll be a beautiful cave in a few thousand years. Hahaaa. It was very dark and we went in with flashlights- the lights are being restored from the back forward. This was really cool cuz we went over the longest underground swinging bridge in the dark with the water running beneath us. I was surprised to learn about all the life down there- schools of blind fish, blind crawfish, eels, rats. Cave crickets- who we were told love peanut butter.

Onyx Cave

Another gorgeous limestone show cave! This is a vertically formed cave with intricate cave corals. The main attraction for me was the “waterfall wall,” I loved thinking of it as having a “melted candle look.” Lots of tight spaces and steps in this one- I got a bit of vertigo and felt my stomach turn. Hahaa, is it still a fear of heights when you’re looking down but beneath the earth’s surface? Also, kinda love that there is a cave nativity scene, WUT!