Two Out of Three, Not Bad!

Got to visit a couple waterfalls in South Carolina this past Sunday!

Chau Ram Park was at capacity when we arrived but our wait was only a few minutes. Staff was great.

Dammit if we could NOT find SC’s Blue Hole Falls. The Google Maps destination didn’t look right and we went down a couple trails (maybe service roads?) but didn’t have any luck. Clue me in if you know how to access these falls.
A beautiful stop regardless. So many butterflies!
Jen identified these as orange-fringed orchids

And back to Riley Moore! This was the first place we hit and we basically had it to ourselves in the morning.

Backyard Tubing

Cooling off in the Middle Oconee River with Claire, Mike, Lydian, and Kris! What a treat to float from Ben Burton Park to your friends’/neighbors’ backyard. I snapped these in the chill part- which is where you can just drift n drink under the muscadines, but there’s an area ahead with a rope swing that’s deep enough to swim, and some baby rapids which are so. freakin. fun. Had such a great time!

LOL. I think this is the most I’ve seen Kris smile all year. TIO DEL RIO!

Corona Summer II

Odds n ends from July that didn’t fit in my other posts:
Dog pool party!

I laughed so much at Lydian’s skewered dbl dogs!

My talented friend Jenny made my hair look so full and fluffy.

Harris Shoals. I’d never been before the pandemic and now it’s one of my favorite early morning spots.

My roommates and sweet companions. I love them so much.

Athens ant hill!!!

Best goths in town

I ate so well this month thanks to Jason. That zephyr squash is so pretty. Enjoyed: chanterelles cremated in butter, two skillets of ratatouille, corn chowder, zucchini fritters. Lots of blueberries too.

A picnic date where we both brought dates!

This little guy in Jim’s yard!

Carey and Becca have such an impressive garden! Thankful they have shared so much kale with me. I’ve had a whole week of just sauteed kale over wild rice n dal. Never got tired of it- so delicious.

I almost cried when I saw Joe IRL. Lotta coworkers I miss seeing.

Pretty walks with this pretty trio.

Kris sighting at Ben Burton! He made me this amazing mild noodle dish when my guts were in bad shape.

I’m pretty frustrated with how physically limited I feel right now, but it’s nice to get out on some slow runs. K, hi!

My old coworker Eric Reynolds made these and they are perfect.

Hi, tiny friend!

Loved getting up super early and hitting these trails with Jessica. She also reminds me I need to make time for reading. She’s already finished the two books I’ve had on my nightstand.

Back to the Schoolbus Graveyard with my qt girlfriend, confidante and daytripper.

It’s a strange thing to experience so much simple joy from your “inner world” alongside so much frustration and hopelessness from the “external world.” I guess that’s how life works… tho the contrast feels much sharper under everything covid-related, mass unemployment, PPP loans drying up, the eviction moratorium being lifted, injustice and unrest, etc… Currently, I’m trying to look at personal happiness as energy to face the Big Stuff. My internet therapist gave me these optimistic insights: “I keep telling myself that the future always has some uncertainty (more or less), and that the vast majority of us are SURVIVORS. We will find a way or make one to overcome the obstacles thrown at us, and it always takes us coming together to do it. On a personal level, it’s more important now than ever that we have a strong emotional support system so that we never feel alone in our fight.” On my best days, this is my guiding philosophy. Hope everyone has their supports and is taking care. ♥

Summer of Galettes

Like many, I re-discovered a love of baking back in March, when social distancing started. Over four months later, baking continues to bring me comfort. My favorite dessert to make is the simple and beautiful galette. Here are a few I’ve made (all blueberry or blueberry peach- just what I had), plus a few bonus treats.

bourbon blueberry cobbler

peach clafouti from Lydian!

Early Risers

One of my 2020 blessings is getting to go on TWO separate sunrise hikes with my TWO separate Jessicas. Dawn is my favorite time of day- especially in the fug of a Georgia summer, when the late-afternoon heat can really wilt you. But I know morning people like me are freaks and it is truly the hallmark of a great friend when they agree to wake up at pre-dawn for you. These are some trails by Jess’s home in Jackson County. We were REALLY woken up on our walk by repeatedly running into spiderwebs. Hahaaa. Totally worth it tho.

The snake tree!

I have conquered Mangum Mountain!

Riley Moore Falls

I wish I could spend every hot day of summer in the water. These falls are only 12′ high but also 100′ wide, with a deep, refreshing swimming hole on the Chauga River. We got in at the hottest part of the afternoon and got out right before a thunderstorm broke. The perfect summer daytrip. Can’t wait to go back here!

Broad River Outpost

Sunday was my first time going down the Broad River, my first White Claw of the summer, and my first time NOT flipping out of a kayak and eating shit! Hahaaa. I saw so many turtles sunning on the rocks and sand!

I didn’t want my phone to get wet so I took my lil point-and-shoot and daaaang. Smart phones now have superior cameras to point-and-shoots of yesteryear. Decided to embrace that and test out the ‘Analog’ filters from A Color Story.

Wildflowers at Sunset

A sweet tweet that popped up in my feed recently: “Ever wish that fireworks were incredibly quiet and also didn’t disappear so quickly and also you could keep them in your home and also you could hold them in your hands?? Because, if so, I’d love to introduce you to Flowers.” Hahaaa! NO DOUBT. Jess and I attended a dusk-time flower picking event at Bold Spring Blooms, right outside of our town and it was lovely to clip our own bouquets and give ourselves the gift of flowers.