Mexico: Nuevo Vallarta

We ended up walking down the beach from our resort to the Nuevo Vallarta marina to watch soccer matches and eat a nice dinner at Maizul for Mike and Sam’s anniversary. I got the impression the resort put a lot of work into keeping the beach tidy on the resort side cuz when we went off campus, there were dead eels, dead pufferfish, iguanas everywhere, and LIVE BABY SEA TURTLES making their way into the waves!!! We saw a lot of awesome sunsets on this trip but the best ones were probably here.

taro ice cream

A woman told me that just a few years ago, sea turtles were a rare sight but now they’re much more common. Nice to hear! These little guys are so cute- palm sized!

So many iguanas on the docks and rocks. One of the guys had some chips and they all went running toward him.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

More ceviche and my first time trying huitlacoche (also known as corn smut or Mexican truffle). I liked it! The fish was good too

Mexico: Puerto Vallarta

Jason’s friends Sam and Mike invited us on vacation to Mexico’s Pacific coast. It was my first time meeting Sam and Mike and my first time in Mexico! From Vallarta, we took a guided hike through a hilly jungle and along a coastline- Boca de Tomatlan, to Playa Los Caballos (Horse Beach), to Las Animas. In town, we did a tequila tasting and drank beers while watching the sun set over the ocean.

The view from the roof of our hotel

Lots of chickens and cats (see the one in the doorway?) in Boca de Tomatlan

Our guide Joel was great!

This beach was pretty remote- just us and another couple with their dogs!

Ceviche on the beach!

Really cool to whip by all the places we’d hiked on the boat ride back

tequila straight from the barrel! It was Sam and Mike’s anniversary- she engraved a bottle to commemorate

Puerto Vallarta is where Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with Richard Burton (the first time)

Florida Trip – Paynes Prairie

First stop, Gainesville! We made quick stops at Paynes Prairie both ways- checked out Bolens Bluff on the way down and the Alachua Sink on the way back. Both rad!

all those dots in the water are alligators!

jumbo snails

gator in a wig!

gator waterslide!

Jason’s friends at Satch Squared. We got the waffles which were excellent, but I’m getting pizza next time!

Return to Paradise

I’ve been to Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden a few times now and every visit is special. This time, we stayed at the bungalow right on the property– which gives you unlimited access to the garden since it’s right in the backyard. Listened to Elvis at the chapel under a full moon, ate VERY WELL, I caught an Uno winning streak, we cuddled the cats Calvin and Hobbs (Hashbrown tail!). What an amazing weekend.

Weaponized Flesh

Psyched to do the logo and this hy pup cover art for my favorite local band Weaponized Flesh! Love seeing their demo cassette out and it’ll be the best day when they can play shows again.

First practice! I was there hanging out and sewing my Halloween costume.