Russian Circles

I cleansed myself of Saturday’s club beatz with some Sunday METAL. Fuzzy and fog-filled phone photos: Not a show I’d usually check out but I’m glad I did- it was great and super fun to see with Ian. Sandrider went right into a flurry of intense, high energy jams. And So I Watch You From […]

The Raincoats

Anne Wood, Ana da Silva, and Gina Birch… a couple Saturdays ago. Eric was nice enough to snap a photo from his much higher height. Even with the guy behind us passing out and getting carted away, this show felt kind of like an intimate party. Very warm and jokey. The loudest cheers to the […]

Gemsbok at the Victory

On Sunday, we caught Gemsbok’s first show! That’s Ajax singing- this was his birthday party btw- and that’s our friend Ian on guitar. The band played unbelievably well together and I’m pretty sure everyone there had a great time. (Haha, I had my earplugs in like a dweeb. It was even louder and more intense […]

End of August Mix

Dean likes to tease that he can predict every song I’m going to play right before I play it. Well, fair enough. I’ve definitely been stuck on the same bands all summer- they just fit. :) You can listen to my mix on 8tracks. Other 8tracks mixes I love: Eric’s ‘Places to Go‘ Nate’s ‘Sushi, […]

Graham Coxon

More old fan art: a couple illustrated music reviews I did for my university paper, The Stony Brook Press around 2004 and 2006. Oh, nostalgia… (minor regret: using a computer to fill in quickly. Boo, laziness!) Graham Coxon’s solo work isn’t perfect but his seven albums try a lot of things and are peppered with […]