Movie Diary: March & April

Brooklyn: I’ve been a loyal Nick Hornby fan since middle school, reading all his books and now watching all the movies he writes. This is almost definitely his best movie writing. Saoirse Ronan is extraordinary as Eilis–vulnerable but no fool– and I felt for her as she plumbed the depths of homesickness. And ya know […]

Movie Diary: January & February

Black Coal, Thin Ice: During the summer, I’m all about fluff and blockbusters but when winter hits, I want the heavy hitters. Bleak, punishing landscapes. Humans at their worst. This Chinese noir was JUST THE THING to kick off my new year. It’s set in a depressing, industrial city filled with body parts, neon lights […]

Scarecrow Video

There could not be a more impressive and wonderful video store than Scarecrow. I read they’ve collected about 120,000 titles but even a fat figure like that seems low when you see their mammoth, wide-ranging selection. I hate to think of this store ever closing so when the owners announced they were struggling, I started […]

Holly Jolly Horror Movies

Because nothing says Christmas quite like wintery murder movies! Here are the movies I watched over the weekend to get into the holiday spirit: Home for the Holidays (1972): It’s Christmas time and four estranged sisters reluctantly return home to visit their their father on his death bed. He tells them he is being poisoned […]

Cloud Atlas

Over the weekend, I watched Cloud Atlas, which tells six stories taking place between the 1800s and “106 winters after the fall.” The tone and style of each story is different and they are told in tiny, out of order pieces with a group of about ten actors taking on every role between them. Nate, […]

Mainstream Movie Girl

This past Thursday, Nate and I went to a ‘one night only’ showing of Lawrence of Arabia in Downtown Seattle. It goes without saying that this was a perfect movie theater experience. It did remind me, however, of all the big budget movies I watched over the summer- I thought Prometheus sucked but I still […]

The Grifters

Staying home this weekend to rest, clean, and round up donations for Goodwill (the latter takes an eternity as I am a supreme pack rat). Took a break to watch The Grifters and eat leftover delivery (vindaloooo!) Lilly Dillon is a seasoned con artist, who curbs race track odds for the mob. Her son, Roy, […]