Another summer flashback: Bumbershoot! I took it easy and only went one day this year (last year I went nuts). In between splurging at Flatstock and seeing JOHN WATERS, I checked out this rad Elvis art show: ‘Elvis in Hell’ Charles Burns, ‘Black Elvis’ Larry Reid (Larry!) and John Ohannesian ‘Elvis Alive/Dead’ Joey Veltkamp ‘ElvisElvis […]

Power Tool Races, Journalism, and Other Georgetown Curiosities

Some photos I snapped this past Saturday at the Georgetown Carnival. Despite some early clouds, the day was bright and warm. Grey skies, sunny mobiles. I ended up seeing a couple similar pictures in my Instagram feed- I guess it was a good spot! Treat time! Excessorized to perfection. Dinner at Katsu Burger. Nate and […]

Blue Monday

Seattle’s indigo trees: Last month, over a dozen honey locusts were painted a vivid shade of blue for an exhibit by Konstantin Dimopoulos to raise awareness about deforestation (Kimopoulos has described trees as ‘the lungs of the world’ which I think is a crazy cool metaphor). I walk by this spot all the time but […]

Happy Earth Day!

Taking photos of flowers is a funny thing. In real life they’re so beautiful, but, like sunsets, you just can’t capture all the awesomeness in a picture. It’s a shame because I take A LOT of flower and sunset photos. I just can’t resist pretty things… even though it’s everyday prettiness. I’ve posted Freeway Park […]

Death Goes to the Disco

Today is the Spring Equinox and my 27th birthday! I spent all week celebrating with the usual suspects and threw a party Saturday night. There’s nothing I love more than decorating my apartment with nonsense and eating cake with friends. This time, Dean and I covered the living room with tin foil and put a […]

Meanwhile at the Office…

At lunchtime, Eric found a freak baby carrot that looked like it had two little legs. Eating this creature was out of the question so the boys gave it a head and arms. Now he hangs out (harhar) with Snorlax. My other coworker, Martin, says that if you plant carrots in harder soil, they’ll often […]

Britpop Dance Night

Photostrips from the Lo-Fi photobooth (one of these days I will drag Dean along!): This past Thursday, both rooms were open in celebration of the DJ’s birthday. The organ lounge spun records by Roxy Music, Blondie, and T-Rex. The discoball room played Pulp, Blur, and Le Tigre. Not strictly Britpop, but strictly AWESOME. It’s the […]