Return to the Emerald City

So right now, I’m going through a mild burnout. Family stuff, lingering homesickness, general fatigue from those 28-day work stretches. Last night, Sarah’s mom passed away- she was a tremendously kind woman and it’s a big loss. I dunno. I’m not facing an immediate crisis but I’ve been feeling low and nostalgic. It made me […]

Seattle City Guide

Dean and I left Seattle at the beginning of the week and closed a huge chapter of our lives. We’ll be back to visit, of course, but it was tough saying ‘goodbye’ to our wonderful friends and a city we’ve grown to love so much. I don’t believe in the Seattle Freeze, this is the […]

Farewell, Fanta

I worked my last day at Fantagraphics last week… which still seems nuts. Fanta has been a big part of my life for the entirety of my 20s. They gave me a job (twice), introduced me to lifelong friends, and bulked up my comics collection. I feel very lucky to have worked for the greatest […]

Scarecrow Video

There could not be a more impressive and wonderful video store than Scarecrow. I read they’ve collected about 120,000 titles but even a fat figure like that seems low when you see their mammoth, wide-ranging selection. I hate to think of this store ever closing so when the owners announced they were struggling, I started […]

Fantagraphics on Kickstarter

Just in case you haven’t seen the Fantagraphics Kickstarter but want to help with a season of awesome comic books, here’s the link! There are some very cool funding options to pre-order upcoming titles or snap up all sorts of sweet cartoonist prints/paintings/mix tapes/tattoos. The smaller items I’m helping with (custom chucks) are gone but […]

Rainy Day at the Burke

This past Saturday was Museum Day so we took advantage of free admission and visited the Burke Museum. It was an ugly, stormy day but the momentary discomfort of rain-soaked shoes was worth it. The Burke is AWESOME. Right now, they have an excellent exhibit on female artists in Africa, Asia, and the Americas who […]

30 Years of Love & Rockets

My friend, Kristy, helped put together an exhibit to celebrate 30 years of Love & Rockets (one of my very favorite comics). We arrived at the store just in time for Christmas carolers. Said ‘hey’ to friends and co-workers. Then the Hernandez brothers signed stuff for me while I awkwardly said nothing… Haha. They’re real […]