Killer Party

Sunday morning, we had our friends over for a Cults and Killers themed brunch. Dean and I first talked about throwing this party a couple months ago to celebrate our wedding, our (minor) move, and James’s (big) move. But, ya know, we weren’t timely so it became a Halloween brunch instead. I think from a […]

James Made Us: Baked Pears

James is always in our postage-stamp kitchen, whipping up delicious food. He’s modest about it, but he’s kind of a cooking whiz so I decided to start documenting all the awesome stuff he makes. Last Sunday for brunch, he made us baked pears. They were sooo good! Even Dean, who doesn’t like fruit, liked these: […]

Easy Eats

Some tasty meals I’ve been making (ok, I didn’t make the last one), as captured on my trusty phone camera. Simple stuff but leagues above my recent past where I thought cooking was a real bummer and lived almost exclusively on PB&Js… It helps that I’m in walking distance to a fantastic farmers market and […]

Eating out in Vancouver

This weekend, Dean and I took a trip up to Vancouver (our first time seeing Canada on the West Coast!). The thing I most look forward to on vacation is eating out and Vancouver did not disappoint. I recently broke up with two of my greatest loves, meat and cheese, and thankfully this was no […]

Late Night Noshing

Stumbled up the hill last night for a very late meal at Skillet. (Why is late night food always extra-delicious?) Lots of nerd banter over dinner… as evidenced by this Facebook brag: “Tonight, I got to school someone on the difference between an Intrepid Class ship, and a Galaxy Class.” Ah, you innocently ask what […]

Tis the Season for the Cheeses

Our Second Annual Cheese Christmas was a great success. A bunch of us, too far from family, spent the day together to eat cheese and play board games. Everyone had a good time and made a fuss over Schnitzel (who always steals the show at our parties). Some of our delicious fare: Ladysmith and Mimolette […]

Impromptu Mexican Dinner

We grabbed a quick bite at Rancho Bravo before grocery shopping. It’d been awhile since our last spontaneous date night- they’re the most fun! Veggie tacos, corn on the cob, chicken quesadilla. Aaand we split a Mexican coke. I’m going to risk overstatement and say that Rancho Bravo is the finest fast food establishment in […]

Hello Sunshine

Last night, Dean and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Our true anniversary was over a month ago but we always forget! ;) ‘I mean… destiny.’ Cheers! Dean had some fuzzy, orange concoction, I ordered a Patty Hearst. (Yes, I was thrilled beyond measure to discover a cocktail named after Patty Hearst!) Dinner at Quinn’s, […]

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

What I ate today: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lemon cake slices instead of bread. Fried in a generous amount of butter until crisp on both sides. Strawberries for good measure. I’m not one for making food as much as I am for EATING food but I found this recipe on Cakespy and […]

Brunch at the Unicorn

Dean is out of town for a conference so I’m going to spend the week eating all the food he doesn’t like (I love him dearly, but he is the world’s pickiest eater!). This morning I met friends for brunch at The Unicorn. I’d wanted to check this place out for awhile since it’s named […]