Vegan Pizza Party: The Classic

This is supposed to be the year I learned to make delicious pizza without Daiya and mock meat but, eh, it’s cold and my brain is working at half speed. Need cheesy, bread-y pie. Minimal thinking. Makes two (generous!) personal-pan pizzas. The crust: (This is a Kitchenaid recipe but you don’t need a stand mixer) […]

Taco Club for Two

Dean and I spent Thanksgiving at home in our pajamas- eating veggie tacos, drinking whiskey, and watching old made-for-TV movies. We felt like we were breaking the law (or being crummy friends) by opting for an anti-social holiday at home but sometimes it’s best to flout tradition and just take a breather. We ended up […]

Carrot Coconut Soup

A simple and satisfying soup for the increasingly chilly weather. There are dozens of soups I want to try in the coming months but this recipe on Shutterbean was at the top of my list. It is delicious! Hearty and creamy, a little sweet and spicy. I didn’t have sambal oelek which was important to […]

Monster Burger

While I no longer miss eating pricey slabs of steak, I still get cravings for fast food burgers… of the gooiest, grossest variety. Here I attempted to make my own version of the Hot Mess burger. I failed at making it messy but like to think I succeeded in making a small mountain of spicy […]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Just a quick post before Dean and I leave on our mini vacation (so excited!). I baked these last week, following this recipe and hardly changed a thing apart from extra pumpkin and ginger. The wait time is long if you’re as impatient as I am (almost three hours for prep, rising, baking) but it’s […]

Learning to Cook: Tortilla Soup

My stab at this hearty, spicy soup: The mere thought of tortilla soup makes my mouth water. I’ve always been a fan but hadn’t tried any since quitting meat. Turns out, there are loads of chickenless recipes out there and the flavors are still pretty rockin’. I loved how my version came out but next […]

Learning to Cook: Ratatouille

I made this dish for ‘French Day’ at Nate’s. We watched Jean de Florette, The Red Balloon, and Tell No One. Fantastique! In the words of Julia Child, ‘Ratatouille perfumes the kitchen with the essence of Provence and is certainly one of the great Mediterranean dishes.’ I failed to follow her recipe to the letter […]

James’s Curry-Chili and Fried Plantains

I believe the greatest joy in winter (besides sleeping in) is eating delicious, hearty food. This year, the food’s been reeeal good ‘cos James has made a lot of it. Two of my faves: Curry-Chili: affectionately named since it has the flavors of curry but the chunky goodness of chili. Pssst: You need a pretty […]