Summer of Galettes

Like many, I re-discovered a love of baking back in March, when social distancing started. Over four months later, baking continues to bring me comfort. My favorite dessert to make is the simple and beautiful galette. Here are a few I’ve made (all blueberry or blueberry peach- just what I had), plus a few bonus […]

Perfect Peaches

Believe the hype: Georgia peaches are PERFECT this year. Jessica and I collectively got some Caro King, Cary Mac and Ruby Prince varieties from Jaemor Farms. Hahaaa- I loved that she was really into that mutant peach at the back. I’ve always loved baking (more than cooking) and my latest joy has been bringing friends […]

James’s Curry-Chili and Fried Plantains

I believe the greatest joy in winter (besides sleeping in) is eating delicious, hearty food. This year, the food’s been reeeal good ‘cos James has made a lot of it. Two of my faves: Curry-Chili: affectionately named since it has the flavors of curry but the chunky goodness of chili. Pssst: You need a pretty […]

Eating out in Vancouver

This weekend, Dean and I took a trip up to Vancouver (our first time seeing Canada on the West Coast!). The thing I most look forward to on vacation is eating out and Vancouver did not disappoint. I recently broke up with two of my greatest loves, meat and cheese, and thankfully this was no […]

Tis the Season for the Cheeses

Our Second Annual Cheese Christmas was a great success. A bunch of us, too far from family, spent the day together to eat cheese and play board games. Everyone had a good time and made a fuss over Schnitzel (who always steals the show at our parties). Some of our delicious fare: Ladysmith and Mimolette […]

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

What I ate today: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lemon cake slices instead of bread. Fried in a generous amount of butter until crisp on both sides. Strawberries for good measure. I’m not one for making food as much as I am for EATING food but I found this recipe on Cakespy and […]

Deep Fried Accidents

We had some friends over last night for dinner. The menu: deep fried oreos, chicken and waffles, strawberries and cream. Kristy brought over OJ and champagne for mimosas. The original plan was to watch Bottle Rocket while enjoying a variety of heavy, fried foods. Ian was going to show up a little later with his […]

Treats on Sunday

Eric and I met up again on Sunday to work on our respective projects. I was skeptical about meeting at Cupcake Royale, but Eric was right: something about the hot pink decor and pop music is surprisingly conducive to productivity. Don’t ask me how that works… Strawberry Shortcake cupcake- a light, smooth strawberry frosting with […]