Christmas Social

In the past, I’ve had a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit (I worked a lot of retail!), but I found myself wanting to be more festive this year. Actual Christmas day in Columbus Went to see the tiny houses in Bowman with Jessica and little Tallulah, the DIY art! We thought Santa was […]

Blunt Bangs – Odessa

I am so happy to have a tiny part in the Blunt Bangs music video, which ALSO fulfilled my dream of having a private roller skating pizza party! The band’s new album Proper Smoker is great and available everywhere now! Roller skating is my favorite activity at the moment… even though I’m not the best […]

Iceland Diary: Volcanoes and Penises

Picked up a couple flakey pastries from Sandholt and headed toward the volcano. The Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption started in late March, but it was having a calm week when we visited (new lava flow was spotted the night after we left!). I got a sudden rush of vertigo out of nowhere on the hike so […]

Iceland Diary: South Coast I

Started our day at the Keriō (the tub) Crater. It was formed about 6,500 years ago. We walked to the bottom where you can see small fish in the crater lake- the turquoise water looks so vivid against the red volcanic rock. These horses liked the taste of Jason’s overalls. Another majestic waterfall- Seljalandsfoss. The […]