Arts ‘n’ Crafts

ongoing projects:
favorite movie characters a-z

little projects I have finished:
magical dog and sailor swallow chuck taylors

painted disposable cameras

DIY disco eyelashes

psychedelic chuck taylors

skull tumblers, cattitude tea cup

gold teeth and silver wishbone dessert plates

unicorn stamp

Bonjour Tristesse mug

pterodactyl mug

dinosaur tea set

Nic Cage trading cards

More Nic Cage trading cards

sketches of plants and animals, a joint project with friends

8 thoughts on “Arts ‘n’ Crafts

    • Thanks very much! Sorry, no Twitter (I’m a bit of a dinosaur). Maybe one day though- it’s kind of silly that I put Twitter feeds in my Google Reader instead of just signing up… I’m not great with it, but I did sign up for Twitter!

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