Hello. I’m Steph, a 37-year old living in beautiful Athens, Georgia with my cats Matilda Cackle and Agent Cooper. This is my diary and project scrapbook.

favorite things: animals, horror movies, arts n crafts, baked goods, waterfalls, roadside attractions, John Waters, comics, feminism, vegetables, rap, rollerskating, thrifting, candles.
things I hate: senseless cruelty, blood sucking bugs, hustle culture, most romantic comedies.

I am here:
My Bloody Horrorcast

The name ‘Hometown Unicorn’ is stolen from a really good song by Super Furry Animals.

Thanks for stopping by!

28 thoughts on “About

  1. I lived in the neighborhood where Rushmore was filmed. I am a reluctant fan of Breaking Bad; some of the episodes have been unbelievably painful. Congrats on Fresh Press — great photos and it looks like Very Big Fun where you are!

  2. I just read through a good part of your blog. I really enjoyed it! Your wedding post especially resonated with me, because I am also having a hard time mustering up excitement for my wedding.

    • Oh, thanks for stopping by! I liked reading through your blog too. :) Yeah, the wedding aspect of being married was never the main thing for us… tho that being said, being married itself has been pretty rad!

    • thanks so much! I’ve actually taken an unplanned creative hiatus but I should start making stuff again soon. I think most people are crafty- hope you give it a shot!

  3. Hey there, just stumbled across your blog. I love your blog header, did you make it yourself? If I ever need a guide to America I’ll know where to look!

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