Tallulah Gorge

At a dramatic 1,000′ down, the view from the top of Tallulah Gorge cannot be beat (there’s an overlook called Inspiration Point, and the gorge is included in Georgia’s 7 Natural Wonders). The overlooks along the Rim Trail are stunning year-round, but the most adventurous and rewarding way to experience the gorge is hiking the floor to the sliding rock and swimming hole on a hot, summer day.
girl looking over gorge
While the Sliding Rock Trail is one of the coolest Georgia hikes I’ve been on, and the challenge was super fun, the terrain is notably rugged and rocky. Jason and I hopped a couple fallen trees, and crossed some fast-moving water by hopping from boulder to slippery boulder (we witnessed a hiker eat it here!).
Hurricane Falls at Tallulah Gorge
I’d only seen an aerial view of Hurricane Falls and Bridal Veil Falls before, catching them eye-level up-close was another level.
man jumping over tree
Bridal Veil Falls at Tallulah Gorge
Making it to the the sliding rock is the best part, of course. It feels like a reward to walk out of the trail into the sun, at the top of the slide. We went down a few times, swam in the pool below, and sunbathed before facing the intense vertical climb back up to the gorge rim.
man on gorge wall
sliding rock at tallulah gorge


  • Line up early for a permit if you go on a weekend! They’re free, but they go fast on a beautiful day. And you definitely need a permit, there are rangers who write tickets.
  • Pack very light. We sunblocked up before hiking and I only took my waterproof fanny pack and a collapsible water bottle. Our friends have lost their phones and broken expensive cameras
  • Grab some blackberries alongside the road when you get to that part. They’re delicious.

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