Spring in Copenhagen

We lucked out with clear skies throughout our trip, and it felt like we got a bonus week of spring by being in Europe. It already feels like the cusp of summer at home in Athens, but Copenhagen is just warming up.

I met Jason’s friends Mike and Sam last year in Mexico, and I love that were able to meet up again in another country! We stayed with them in a very stylish flat, and got to meet their German exchange student, Hanna. I forgot to take pictures of the flat so here’s a windmill instead!

Nyhaven (New Harbor), a canal lined with brightly colored 17th and early 18th century buildings. This is how I pictured Copenhagen before visiting. Hans Christian Andersen lived here when he had his first fairy tale published.

Speaking of Hans Christian Andersen, we saw The Little Mermaid statue. We hadn’t planned on seeking her out, but there she was! The statue has been decapitated twice, had her arm sawn off, and been blown up.

The Marble Church with that impressive dome. I don’t know much about styles of architecture so I tried to make note on this trip- this one is Rococo, or Late Baroque. There’s complete silence inside that is really nice.

Over the past couple years, daffodils have become my favorite flower. Daffodil season is over in the states so it made me happy to see them here in April.

The St Albans Church, designed as a traditional English Church in the gothic revival style.

For sure the prettiest Danish food we tried was smørrebrød. I don’t know how you’re supposed to eat them, I had to gently destroy mine with a knife and fork.

Cue Latto’s Big Energy!

The View from the Christiansborg Palace Tower

4/20 in Freetown Christiania, a hippie commune in the heart of Copenhagen. You aren’t supposed to take pictures on the main drag so I just snapped one of this Thomas Dambo Giant, Green George. Christiania operates separately from the city (tho that seems to be complicated)- it has its own laws and its own flag. Hash is openly sold. There’s a skate park, a horse riding school, a daycare. It’s a really unique place. A meeting of Danish Jason and American Jason!

An earned break from walking at the Mikkeller brewery.

Right next to the brewery is Reffen, a trendy looking foodhall with shipping container buildings and stalls of pretty much any street food you could want. I got a peanut stew, Jason got a Danish hot dog.

Met up with Jason’s friend Michael who used to live in Athens. He took us to an awesome bar that felt like it was from another time. Softly lit, velvety baroque wallpaper, smoking allowed. Among other things, a young Danish man gave us a sensational history lesson on Johann Struensee. It’s the longest I’ve spent in a bar in recent memory and I loved hearing about Michael’s life in Denmark!

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