Our Troll Tour Concludes

A few bits and pieces from our last day. We rushed to Cisternerne and were lucky the gallery attendant let us down for a few minutes while she closed up. the cisterns were drained and covered in 1981; now it’s an art space underneath a park. The current exhibit is Chiharu Shiota’s “Multiple Realities.” I loved it- it’s like a haunting dream. The air is humid and cool like a cave and you have to be careful to stay on the path. Jason scared me in the dark and my scream echoed! I would definitely recommend at least half an hour to experience this.

Buka Bakery was across the street from where we were staying and their cardamon brioche was amazing.

Saw the former Carlsberg brewery elephant gate. It is wild to see four giant granite elephants with pre-nazi swastikas in the year 2022! Carl Jacobson used the symbol in the trademark for Ny Carlsberg to bring good fortune. He dropped the symbol in 1940 for obvious reasons. The tower above the gate used to be a water tower and herb silo. The facility no longer produces beer here tho. It would’ve been cool to tour. Canceled!

Agnete and the Merman, a bronze sculpture of a merman and his seven sons, begging his human wife to return to them. It’s underwater in the Slotsholm Canal next to the Højbro Bridge so it took me a minute to find.

It’d be easy to spend a whole week in Copenhagen. Sadly, we did not have time for Tivoli, the Glyptoteket, Medical Museum or any number of museums and parks. Maybe next time!

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