Hygge Birthday Boy

Jason is preternaturally youthful and no one believes he’s 47. He has more energy than anyone I know and I’m glad we could celebrate with this awesome trip!
We took a morning ferry to the Norsk Folkemuseum to see another stave church. Gol stave church is from around 1200 and this is the original, moved to this open air museum.
OMG, this pig’s face!

My present to Jason was a floating sauna. This one was brutal at first! After we got over the intense heat of the sauna and the shockingly cold fjord, it was a lot of fun. Feels great to cook your body at 125°f+ then dip into 40°f water. A Norwegian family there sang him Happy Birthday. Everyone we came across was so nice! Check out our view of SHE LIES!

We ate dinner at Lille Saigon 1 (the type of name where you know it’s gonna be good)- salmon and Vietnamese pancake.

And finally drinks at Botaniske, a bar covered in plants. I try not to overuse the word, but this place can only be described as magical. It felt both fancy and cozy.

We balled out our last day in Oslo. One more look at SHE LIES, buying postcards and magnets, eating really good fish and chips at Fiskeriet. Phew. Bye, Oslo, on to Copenhagen!

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