Graves and People Pillars in Oslo

Compared to Bergen, Oslo is bigger, more diverse, and has a cool look that blends grand historical and modern minimalist architecture. I can totally see why Norway is rated the world’s happiest country- the quality of life seems very high and Norwegians seem pretty laidback.
Our first sighting of SHE LIES! We’d been so excited to see this sculpture and laughed when we ended up passing it several times each day.
People are encouraged to walk the marble roof of the Opera House. It’s fun to climb up to an incredible view but I don’t think the grade of this thing comes thru in a photo.

Haralds Vaffel for waffles topped with brown cheese. I’m not sure how to describe the taste of brown cheese, but it is distinctive and delicious. Mine also had jam and sour cream.

Not open when we got there, Jason had heard about the Blitz and wanted to stop by. An anarchist, socialist center with shows and vegan food that started as a squat in ’82 and was bombed by neo-nazis twice in the ’90s. Cool that centers like this are a prominent part of Norway’s counterculture scene. I would’ve loved to have seen an issue of this zine I only learned about later, Gateavisa.

Strolled around Frogner Park, a beautifully landscaped park with A LOT of Vigeland sculptures. It’s the home of Oslo’s Angry Boy! I’m totally into the landscape and strangeness of this park but we learned a couple things: there have been multiple attempts to steal Angry Boy (sure, why not), and Vigeland was a nazi sympathizer (boooooo).

The Monolith has been interpreted as mankind’s longing for spirituality. When I looked at it I saw people squeezed together in agony, trying to claw their way out. Haaa, maybe that’s the same thing!

Oslo’s famous sons, Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch, buried in a small romantic cemetery.

Angry Boy is everywhere!

We walked thru a couple other parks and by the Royal Palace, before hitting the Bohemen football pub. Easter is a big deal holiday in Norway that lasted every day we were in the country- Thursday thru Monday. It was nice to end our Easter Sunday at a soccer bar watching the FA Cup Semifinal. This guy asked to take our photo then a photo with us. Uh, ok!

Support for Ukraine everywhere

Yummm- more mackerel and tomato tins! Jason especially loved them. If any food themed our trip it is tinned fish.

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