Troll Forest and Fantoft Stave Church

We hiked up Mount Fløyen for a panoramic view of Bergen, passing cute cottages and ultra green woods.

These parts of the trail were so mossy and magical looking.

At the top of the mountain is a troll forest, goats, and ice cream!

That afternoon, we caught the light rail to see Fantoft Stave Church. (Passed a guy with his ass completely out at one of the stops, hahaaa!) The church was originally built in 1150, then burned down in 1992 by black metal musician/arsonist (and murderer, and nazi) Varg Vikernes. It was reconstructed the following years and there’s a sign at the entrance that says no fires now. So awesome to see this medieval architecture in the middle of a small, lonely forest.

Last, Cafe Opera for tea and beer after walking almost 12 miles. The cafes here looked so cute- I wish we could’ve stopped in a couple more.
*Side note- I heard Norway was expensive and that is no lie! We tried to be economical if we ate out and became fans of these mackerel and tomato tins at the grocery store. Other tiny ways we tried to budget was walking A LOT and staying at Citybox which I recommend if, like me, you want a clean, small, no frills room that is centrally located. We booked the citybox in Oslo too!

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