Bergen is Beautiful

We just got back from our whirlwind Scandivia vacation! I’m very tired and very happy looking back on these pics.

We started the trip in Bergen, Norway- a beautifully situated city surrounded by seven mountains and seven fjords. I loved this place at first sight! Bryggen, once a medieval wharf! Colorful Hanseatic boathouses (left) lining the Vågen Harbour. I read these buildings have burned several times however the foundations are from the 12th century.

Caramel donuts and reindeer hot dogs. We didn’t eat out much. When we did, it was usually tasty and unhealthy.

For whatever reason, there were at least a couple Norwegian sculpters making creepy bronze babies between the World Wars. This is Sofus Madsen’s Crying Boy. Madsen has several works throughout Bergen.

Fish Market and fish soup, yummm

Bergen is also a pigeon paradise. No head is safe from them.

I kinda think of this as our Troll Tour- troll souvenirs everywhere!

Bergenhus Fortress

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