Summer Blooms and Neon Christ

Take me back to this perfect day last June! It was my first time visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden and I can only describe it as VERY IMPRESSIVE AND VERY NICE.*** I loved the carnivorous plants best. Afterwards, we went to our first show of the pandemic! Neon Christ played a free reunion show in the Star Bar parking lot (GG King opening). It was so good to be out in the sun, catching live music again, and running into friends. Also, really cool for me to see the Neon Christ records out in the wild after assembling them at work!

***Pssst- the Atlanta botans may be more of a visual spectacle but I still prefer Athens’ garden. HANDS DOWN. For starters, it’s FREE. But also, it has miles of hiking trails with lighter crowds. Every corner just feels so calm, vibrant, and special. I feel so lucky to have this space in Athens.

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