Iceland Diary: Volcanoes and Penises

Picked up a couple flakey pastries from Sandholt and headed toward the volcano.

The Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption started in late March, but it was having a calm week when we visited (new lava flow was spotted the night after we left!). I got a sudden rush of vertigo out of nowhere on the hike so we ended up spending most of our time at the base of the crater where you could see smoldering cracks throughout the lava field. Still truly incredible to see newly formed earth.

Pulled over to walk the boardwalk around the Krysuvik geothermal field. We never got over the sight of steam vents, mudpots and sulphur colorations. Just awesome.

Also pulled over to see more horses grazing by these barn ruins. They are so beautiful!!

Back to Reykjavik, stopped in the Icelandic Punk Museum- a former underground public toilet, now covered in photos, flyers, instruments and videos from Iceland’s punk scene 1970s up through the break-up of the Sugar Cubes in the 1990s. The owner let Jason play the drumset even though he warned, “it’s a piece of shit.” Hahaa, so fun!

Didn’t want to leave without trying a small dipcone! Another lesson that Iceland size large is JUMBO. Jason ordered a large Bragðarefur (it’s like a McFlurry) and it looked like they’d given him a bucket of blended ice cream and candy. Very delicious tho.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum- a collection of over 300 penises! OF COURSE we had to go.

Cafe Loki- Rye bread with mashed fish and smoked trout. Sheep-head jelly, mashed turnips and bean salad. Lamb leg and roasted vegetables. We cleaned our plates! They had a pretty wild mural on the wall.

Before bed, we hit the hot tub and sauna one more time. I can’t believe no one else was there.

Thanks for everything, Iceland! Hope we get to come back in a couple years.

One thought on “Iceland Diary: Volcanoes and Penises

  1. Love the penis chopsticks! And the dish y’all’re eating (yes, it’s possible to use TWO apostrophes in a single word😎), I think I can identify most of the ingredients. What’re the tiny green things? Dill? Or something else? I see cobbled cheese (my term for cottage cheese), meat-n-potatoes, and what else?

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