Iceland Diary: Reykjadalur and More Reykjavik

Woke up on the horse farm and were greeted by some cuties.

We had a scenic hike through a smoky valley to Reykjadalur. The bubbling hot springs mix with the cold river to create a perfect, natural river to relax in. Lots of hot mud pools, steam, sheep and waterfalls to see on the way.

Settlement Exhibition- the exhibition is built on top of an old Viking longhouse, so you walk around the archeaological remains while reading about settler life. A gross fact that stayed with me was this- butter was traditionally kept in sheep stomachs. The butter kept for years under a thick coating of mold. LOL, Nordic settlers either had iron stomachs, or felt like shit all the time.

Fischer – This perfume shop is a true gem. There is a ladder near the entrance where you can climb up and watch video art. In the basement, there is a mini museum of aromas connected to Icelandic literature (not that I can read Icelandic…). I got Fischer no. 8: “Brand new sneakers crushing fresh flower stalks against hot asphalt. Mouth full of lemon candy and fingers sticky with motor oil. Stolen rhubarb from a neighbours garden, peeled, slathered in honey and chewed on. Orange cake crumble in the pocket of freshly washed clothes. Arctic wind blowing through hair in a damp pine forest.”

Dinner at Saegreifinn (or Sea Baron)- we tried cubes of fermented shark which reeked but didn’t taste as bad as we’d anticipated, and chased that with a shot (Jason n I thought the shot was harder to take than the shark was). We warmed up with lobster soup and blueling skewers. The sea baron mannequin!!!

Ended the day with the hot tub and sauna at our hotel. LOL, Jason in his hiking boots!

(Also, we got to see so many sheep this day!)

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