Iceland Diary: South Coast I

Started our day at the Keriō (the tub) Crater. It was formed about 6,500 years ago. We walked to the bottom where you can see small fish in the crater lake- the turquoise water looks so vivid against the red volcanic rock.

These horses liked the taste of Jason’s overalls.

Another majestic waterfall- Seljalandsfoss. The pathway goes behind the falls so you get a cool 360 view. While we were walking behind the curtain, we witnessed a proposal!

We kept following the path to Gljúfrabúi, a waterfall slightly hidden within a cracked cliff face. Our cabin hosts told us of another, more secret falls around there but we didn’t get to it this time.

Seljavallalaug is one of my highlights of the trip- the walk there is into a valley of waterfalls, little streams and lava ash. The swimming pool is built into the side of a hill. It’s old and slick with algae, but so awesome!

Caught a rainbow!

Pulled over to see the turf roof at Rutshellir. The plaque explained that man-made caves are specific to South Iceland. These were likely used for storage and a smithy.

Skógafoss waterfall is a big one- I got misted from quite a distance! Afterwards, I read that the Skógá river above these falls, has over 20 waterfalls. I’d love to explore that area more one day.

Sólheimajökull (home of the sun) glacier, an outlet of the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap. I couldn’t believe how accessible this was. We walked down, touched the glacier, and walked along the shallow ice caves.

Loftsalahellir cave was on the way to the beach and the short walk up was worth it for the view! It was very steep though; I crab walked out of the cave mouth and Jason laughed at me.

The first thing you see entering Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara) are signs warning tourists about Sneaker Waves. No deadly waves on our visit but it was a fitting tone for the moody atmosphere- dramatic basalt columns border the shore. We had watched sunset over Dyrhólaey (the hill island with the door hole).

One thought on “Iceland Diary: South Coast I

  1. WOW! What images! Oh… and what sort of proposition/proposal did you witness?😂Aren’t those things usually planned to be witness-free?😅No witnesses, no crime.😜

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