Mexico: Poolside Lizards

I wanted to post about the resort we stayed at because it was so MASSIVE and fancy and fun- it truly felt like a vacation. But almost all of my photos are at the pool! Hahaa. This place had the largest pool bar, surrounded by the ocean; there was a waterslide made to look like an ancient pyramid ruin; there was a lazy river around the resort. I loved seeing all the iguanas and kittens!

When the iguanas see unattended snax, they go for it. This dude’s face of guac! Haaaa!

We won poolside trivia 2 out of 3 times, in part because no one else showed up for trivia. By the third time they came up with actual questions for us. Was fun!

I went around the lazy river 4x and down the waterslide 3x. I could not get enough.

Kittens everywhere!

Lived my longtime dream of throwing a drink in someone’s face. Jason’s face. 3x cuz I had a hard time hitting him squarely in the face.

On our last night, there was a 5.6 earthquake! Sam and Mike felt it at the hotel and it broke the elevators for a min. Jason and I were on the beach and didn’t notice.

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