Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

1 Second Everyday for 2020! This was a horrific, sad, and uncertain year for mankind collectively, but a not-terrible year for me personally. I ran over 100 miles, swam with manatees, saw over a dozen waterfalls, got more tan and freckled than I have in years, almost drowned, sold the house, bought a new car, overcame gut issues, bought a new face and body, went caving in Kentucky, watched a lot of Charles Bronson movies, baked over 20 galettes. All of this (plus the stability of an apartment and full-time work) kept me from spiraling into my own negative thoughts. ALSO my housemates adopted two puppies who bring me immense joy. I’m so thankful for all my wonderful supportive friends and my cats in this time. I’m not upset that I’d planned on doing a lot of things last year that I couldn’t get to. Phew. Happy New Year!

It feels a little pointless to set resolutions for 2021, or plan for the future, or focus on selfish pursuits in the face of a raging pandemic and gross injustice. I’m awkwardly trying to find balance here. Setting goals has always been motivational to me, so I wrote down a bunch this year but I’m not pretending they are solid plans. Who knows?! I do not believe in manifesting money or love or career success, but I do believe there is value in finding things to look forward to. I hope everyone is able to find peace and worthwhile endeavors in this crazy year ahead of us!

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