Friday the 13th

I finally drove out to Hard Labor Creek State Park to see one of the filming locations in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives! OMG, it was awesome!!! Jason Lives is one of my favorites in the franchise, starts off like a classic monster movie, has lots of goofy kills, and the showdown on the lake is epic! I drove around for a bit before asking park staff if they could point me in the right direction and I’m glad I asked because they pointed me to Camp Daniel Morgan and gave me access to look around. It was so cool to check out the cabins and dock by myself. Also, it’s a very beautiful park besides. I definitely want to go back before December, but if not, maybe I can rent a cabin in the summer- when the next Friday the 13th is in August! Perfect for swimming in Crystal Lake.

I didn’t have time to stop in Madison at the cemetery where Jason is resurrected (next time!) but I did kinda laugh when I saw this one on the way

Aaand ending the night in the best way: jammies, takeout, tiny beers, and Jason X (the nitrogen face smash is the best kill imo)

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