Cruise Down Spooky Street

I am so glad to live in a town that loves Halloween as much as I do! Of course, this was a quiet, pandemic Halloween but I love how many houses/yard decorated for the holiday, encouraged by Flagpole’s decorated yard contest. These were my favorites on Boo-levard

James n Jen posing in front of Alicia and Matt’s Eyeball Mansion

Melinda and Ken are the reigning queen and king of Halloween- every year, their yard is on another level! Every time I went by, I noticed something new- that baby doll with the beard!

RIP Go Bar. Loving tribute by Jess- Ghost Bar

Jess also made this incredible spider house. Fall in Athens is crawling with joro spiders

Maybe my favorite house this Halloween! I wish I were friends with the couple living there- they decorate for every holiday. I can’t wait to see the inflatable turkey for Thanksgiving!

IMO this tree is better than the Tree That Owns Itself

I always love Eli Saragoussi’s stuff

I don’t know the humans but I loved meeting this dog, Goose! Hahaaa, can’t stop laughing at this photo. He looks so cute and guilty.

RIP to our UFO cats again! Was fun while they lasted.

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