Mammoth Cave

Jessica and I got to see six caves in one and a half days. This was our first and the name is no lie! Mammoth Cave National Park is about 80 square miles, with more than 365 miles mapped (so far) of a five-level cave system. I’d love to go back and see more when the park can fully open again.

Because of the pandemic, there are no tours and visitor access is very limited. So Jess and I booked a time slot for their only option at the moment, a self guided historic tour. Historically significant as it is, I was not terribly interested in the Saltpetre Works as an operation (slave labor for gunpowder), but it was really something to walk among the ruins. They even have a display for an 1800s cave toilet down there! Every cave we visited was so unique and what I’d say about this one is it truly is MAMMOTH, so much space around you as you walk thru. It is also the only “dry” cave we visited with a sandstone ceiling. I’d hoped to see bats on this trip and was heartbroken to learn that 70-90% of their bat population has died from white nose syndrome since 2006. Even in “normal” times, no tours enter areas with bay colonies, and you walk thru a biocleaning mat to avoid transmitting the fungus.

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