Corona Summer III

The only photo I have of James smiling

Sunset walk around Boulevard

My wild panther and marshmallow princess

Early Ben Burton Saturdays

More of Amber on Lake Lanier

More delicious Jason dinners. My favorite is the chicken n mushrooms dish. He makes THE BEST squash casserole in town – and I’ve tried quite a few here. Not pictured: chicken chili cheese dogs, fish burgers, pizza, poke, fast foooood

And Kris made me a seafood plate!

The Community Fridge is a thing of beauty

Family portrait! Still so glad to live here

My squishiest cat

At the garden with Kendall! He brought me a donut

Coconut Club FaceTime!

Cloudy sunrise over the pocket beach at Sandy Creek Park

I lost my mind seeing my old friend Ricky winning on Cash Cab!

I watched Death Wish 1-5 this month. Klon owned 2-4 and I just lent him 5 here. This is my summer of DEATH WISHES.

Kate and the littles in Lawrenceville! I’d never stopped there before. Def wanna go back to this park.

everywhere for a minute

Moonrise sunset in the n’hood

Sunny face

I really wanted some figs from this tree but the deer stripped every fig within reach!

Slow but steady runners

This is a heavy year. I often feel like the US is stuck in a terrible time loop. BUT this was also my summeriest summer in a long time. I am tan and freckled and more active than I’d usually be with it being so hot out. Thankful for everyone I got to see this month.

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