Early Risers

One of my 2020 blessings is getting to go on TWO separate sunrise hikes with my TWO separate Jessicas. Dawn is my favorite time of day- especially in the fug of a Georgia summer, when the late-afternoon heat can really wilt you. But I know morning people like me are freaks and it is truly the hallmark of a great friend when they agree to wake up at pre-dawn for you. These are some trails by Jess’s home in Jackson County. We were REALLY woken up on our walk by repeatedly running into spiderwebs. Hahaaa. Totally worth it tho.

The snake tree!

I have conquered Mangum Mountain!

2 thoughts on “Early Risers

  1. Excellent lifestyle you are leading! Being outdoors, waking up early, staying away from crowds. Really well done. Fourth and fifth photos are lovely. We are early risers, too, and love the freshness of the morning. Have not hiked in awhile though.

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