Corona Summer

The world sucks but June was pretty good to me.
Other bright spots in June: blueberry picking and a sunrise hike with my qt partner Jess.

I will always pull over for a covered bridge. The original Stovall Mill bridge and second rebuild both washed away.

Currently eating very bland food for my dumb guts but I had a lot of delicious food prior to. Jen and I had remote Cookbook Club where we both made jerk-spiced grilled corn and salmon burgers from Lazarus Lynch’s Son of a Southern Chef. This corn is lifechanging!! Also pictured: chamomile iced latte and two glorious apple pies.

Fook’s Crew! Shop local and eat kimchi!

Watched a dozen sunsets here.

Horror movie catch-up with Carey!

Happy Birthday, Blake!! I had not seen these faces in so long!

Matilda Cackle aka Princess Marshmallow

Also had not seen THESE faces in awhile!

Hahaa, he is so spooky and good.

This was a good rally, as was the alternative Town Hall/People’s Budget preceding it (apart from the Blue Lives Matter trolls). The budget that night had a couple actionable items but here’s hoping progress continues. Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Defund the Police.

Hi, Robert!!

Fawn season. Daily cuteness in my yard!

Happy Birthday, Mark!!

I’ve been frustrated with some physical limitations lately and really miss running regularly. But I bought this rad mat and have been enjoying Yoga with Adriene. Feels so good to get my body moving again.

LOL, summer selfies.

Lane and Beans!

I love these two hams so much.

Welcome back to Athens, Kemp!

My scoliosis tilt is on full display and we look like mannequins but here we are having a great time at a public thing! I appreciated the precautions Camille at Tiny Ath had in place. Will Eskridge’s Dogs of Athens portraits are so sweet!

Hazel, you cutie.

Leisurely Sunday bike ride with Lydian.

Cap’n Crunch, supermodel chih.

Kudzu Creature!

goth bros

As evidenced, I haven’t been fully isolated so I can’t really call these ‘Quarantine Scenes’ anymore but I am anxious over our climbing COVID numbers, especially here (Georgia) with the university and schools starting back up. I still believe it’s likely I’ll contract corona at some point but I want to continue to take precautions to prevent the spread. Also doing my best to withhold judgment on anyone choosing differently because in a country that insists on pushing people back into work for a shitty economy and won’t invest in regular, nation-wide testing or affordable healthcare, I can sympathize with the “fuck it” attitude. Honestly, I feel guilty for kind of enjoying the distance at this point. It is a privilege and I’m thankful for this incubation period to work on my self worth and physical health. Of course I also miss human contact and am going to cry on the poor soul who is first to hug me! I will probably also cry whenever I get to see my mom again. Hahaaa. Hope everyone is taking care in their own way and staying as safe as possible.

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