Corona Summer II

Odds n ends from July that didn’t fit in my other posts: Dog pool party! I laughed so much at Lydian’s skewered dbl dogs! My talented friend Jenny made my hair look so full and fluffy. Harris Shoals. I’d never been before the pandemic and now it’s one of my favorite early morning spots. My […]

Summer of Galettes

Like many, I re-discovered a love of baking back in March, when social distancing started. Over four months later, baking continues to bring me comfort. My favorite dessert to make is the simple and beautiful galette. Here are a few I’ve made (all blueberry or blueberry peach- just what I had), plus a few bonus […]

Early Risers

One of my 2020 blessings is getting to go on TWO separate sunrise hikes with my TWO separate Jessicas. Dawn is my favorite time of day- especially in the fug of a Georgia summer, when the late-afternoon heat can really wilt you. But I know morning people like me are freaks and it is truly […]

Riley Moore Falls

I wish I could spend every hot day of summer in the water. These falls are only 12′ high but also 100′ wide, with a deep, refreshing swimming hole on the Chauga River. We got in at the hottest part of the afternoon and got out right before a thunderstorm broke. The perfect summer daytrip. […]

Wildflowers at Sunset

A sweet tweet that popped up in my feed recently: “Ever wish that fireworks were incredibly quiet and also didn’t disappear so quickly and also you could keep them in your home and also you could hold them in your hands?? Because, if so, I’d love to introduce you to Flowers.” Hahaaa! NO DOUBT. Jess […]

Perfect Peaches

Believe the hype: Georgia peaches are PERFECT this year. Jessica and I collectively got some Caro King, Cary Mac and Ruby Prince varieties from Jaemor Farms. Hahaaa- I loved that she was really into that mutant peach at the back. I’ve always loved baking (more than cooking) and my latest joy has been bringing friends […]

Sunflower Field in Lula

Jess and I went to pick up some peaches but I’m so obsessed with them, I’m going to give them their own post. On the way home we drove by these rays of sunshine. it was SO NICE. Thankful for a friend who is always down to stop for flowers.