Rainy Season

Jessica and I celebrated our birthday last year at Flicker with a joint art show, our favorite bands (Hot Fudge, Thrum, Apparition), and an ice cream bar. I drew/painted seven pieces loosely based on Korean myths and folklore. I sold the originals but just found some scans! I work small but these are the three “big” ones.

If you see an Egg Ghost, you will die! Descriptions vary- they have an opaque, featureless face, or maybe they are shaped like am egg without any limbs at all. It might be a spirit who died without loved ones to mourn them.
egg ghost

Cheuksin, the toilet goddess! A beautiful virgin with long hair, banished to the outhouse by the a Jowangsin, the goddess of the kitchen. Cheuksin despises children and topples them into pit toilets.

Yeosan Buin, a devoted wife and mother who drowned in a bottomless icy lake. She was revived as Jowangsin, the goddess of the kitchen, hearth, and fire.
yeosan buin

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