Salem Massachusetts is Magic

September 2019

I have been fascinated by witches as long as I can remember and my all-time favorite vacation as a kid was going to Salem with my Mom. I recently finished reading The Witches: 1692 and am now plotting out a mini called Witch Pranks. There are a lot of things to love here: a modern day concentration on the occult, the town’s openness and education on its dark history (never glossed over on any placard or tour), the actual prettiness of the area. New England in the fall cannot be beat! I gotta go back to Salem for a full weekend one day.The Bewitched statue! I was too shy to ask a stranger to take my photo with her and I regret being a chicken! I have such a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery. Love her in Bewitched of course, but I’m also a big fan of her in The Legend of Lizzie Borden. A super babe who lit up the screen!
Count Orlok’s is a must-see for horror fans. I got chills (in a good way) seeing all the wax figures and horror memorabilia. I want to create a replica of their American Werewolf in London scene and just let that take over my entire apartment. Hahaaa. No photos allowed but it is well worth it.
Dream House #1 (The Witch House, the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the trials)
Dream House #2 (The House of Seven Gables. I remember stopping here as a kid!)
Not only is the House of Seven Gables a REAL seaside mansion, I saw two stray black cats roaming around!
Haus Witch, I spent pretty much all of my money here buying friends cleansing homewares and feminist zines. Being in this space felt really good.
I stayed in a tiny room in Marblehead, steps from the rocky beach. Anytime I’m near a coast, I want to spend as much time by the ocean as possible.

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