Massachusetts and Maine

September 2019

Growing up, I’d visit Vermont where my mom went for her meditation/heart work group, and Massachusetts where my Aunt Barb and cousins lived. But I hadn’t been back to New England in 15 years! I booked a solo flight and rented a car by myself (first time!), thought I was going to die driving thru Boston, but made it unscathed and had a wonderful time at my cousin’s psychedelic wedding in the woods. The next day, I took the car up to Portland Maine to visit my dear friend Becca.
Powder room with the Griffin women.

Congratulations, Brad and Bethany!! I have never been able to get into jam bands but this Phish-themed wedding was so lovely, and thoughtful, and representative of them as a couple. After the sun set, spotlights illuminated the trees, making it look like a rainbow forest.

Hello Maine and Becca! Becca and I met in college, writing for student paper, The Press. She drove me from Long Island to Seattle when we were 22 and I’d gotten a job interview at Fantagraphics. I so admire her- a volunteer at soup kitchens, involved with the Southern Maine DSA, a librarian focused on inclusion and access to resources, a rad writer, a friend to all dogs, and just a genuinely good soul. I loved catching up with her and I loved Portland Maine!Bigfoot crew!

What a little angel!
The most charming and cozy little cabin in Falmouth. Waking up to catch the sunrise on the water and grabbing a biscuit at the market on the way back was sooo nice.
“Fresh Native Ice Cubes” Whaaaaat. Hahaaa!

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