Valdosta Does NOT Suck

When I said I wanted to visit Valdosta, pretty much everyone asked “Why” or laughed and said, “Valdosta sucks.” One friend elaborated, “The energy there is very dense and unpleasant.” Hahahaa! Only one friend had positive things to say but they were unable to come with me this time. I don’t know how I got fixated on visiting Valdosta but I do know I had a great time! Adam and Julia had just relocated to teach at the University and I was able to get Kris and Lydian to meet me down there for a really fun weekend eating wings and playing with two crazy dogs. I’ll head back for sure.
Blackgum and Cypress swamp is sooo pretty. I only wish I’d seen some more wildlife. Julia said it’s worth revisiting in late February to see the sandhill crane migration. Want to see!

Adam and Julia with their babies, Conan and Opal!
Adam also has a room full of reptiles. My favorites were the geckos- it looks like they have eyelashes.
Hahaaa! Kris.

2 thoughts on “Valdosta Does NOT Suck

  1. I do love Grand Bay with the old fire tower at the end of the walkway. Sometimes you can see planes or helicopters from the adjacent Moody Air Force Base there.

    If you like it, then you might check out Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge in nearby Lakeland. I haven’t been in over a decade, but you could rent boats to get up close to the cypress trees.

    Before it gets hot is the best time to visit Valdosta. July through August is brutal. Highs are often in the high 90s but your sweat doesn’t evaporate because of the humidity to help cool you. Arizona at a hundred was more comfortable.

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