At the end of August, Olive passed away. I still have not recovered from her death. I had no warning when I dropped her off at the vet that it’d be the last time I’d see her. She was very old and not in great health but I was in shock. I feel guilty for taking a job I couldn’t take her to every day, and that I didn’t spend every evening at home with her, and most of all that I didn’t notice she was losing weight- she was so small! I would’ve spent every possible minute with her if I’d known she had so little time left. I miss her tottering around, nuzzling into my armpit and snoozing in everyone’s lap. We took her on a lot of great trips and my life is so much richer for knowing her. I made this mini for Boo-le-Bark, Athens Halloween parade for dogs.

Olive and Cooper, cuddle buddies.

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