Mega Maneki-neko

A couple years ago, I decided to construct a giant lucky cat. She was hastily created with a base of woven rolled newspapers and light layers of paper mache for Experimentique Night at Flicker Bar. Jessica, Emileigh and I played chimes behind her. That spring, Trio Gallery had a cat-themed art show so I took that opportunity to give her a makeover- fattening up her cheeks and painting her pink. When I moved to my much smaller space, I gave Maneki-neko to my friend Rebecca, the children’s librarian at Oconee. I’m so glad she’s able to have a good second home.

Kris helped me transport her to our little Flicker show AND babysat her afterwards as I ran off to see Run the Jewels.
Jason helped me transport her to Trio Gallery in an insane rainstorm. Hahaaa, that was a really crazy afternoon.

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