Quarantine Scenes II

Recently enjoyed things: virtual watch movie clubs, faint meteors, distance drinking into the night, ebiking, seeing a baby possum (!!!), and reading for hours (a rediscovered joy). I also had the surreal experience of watching a video of Lydian as it was streamed out of the living room above me. Actually, really cool!

Coronatimes seem more unclear than ever, but April dragged me out of those larger anxieties and back into some good old personal depression. I hit a low point on a friend’s birthday and nothing’s really gotten better. But, hey. Spring is still beautiful here. I scaled back on running and am now enjoying brisk morning hikes. Gotta relish this weather before summer shows up! Still keeping in touch with friends and mom, cuddling cats, eating too much dessert, and getting thru work. I also chopped my IG n FB time down to 10min a day which has been a super positive change for the moment! Hope you’re all doing whatever you need to hang in there. ❤️

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