Springtime Quarantine Scenes

March 16-April 14

On Monday, March 16, Amber and Kris brought two delicious birthday cakes into work for me. Shortly after, we all packed up to begin working remotely. At the time we were told one week but this has been a slow response emergency where the bad news is micro-dosed. Those first two weeks were extremely hard for me to get through, but here we are sheltering in place, a month later. I feel relatively healthy and I’m thankful for my cats, horror movie birthday drop-offs, snail mail, eating dessert every day, and having a job- even tho it stresses me out. I’m a rule follower but I broke the rules 2x (I know!) and that helped me pull through as well cuz I really miss seeing people! Anyway, it’s an awful and uncertain time but I’m glad for small things, and to be cooped up in Athens rather than anywhere else. I hope this time radicalizes people’s thinking for major change going forward. Be well!

2 thoughts on “Springtime Quarantine Scenes

  1. So many blooms, and books, and deer, and socially distant folks! Athen looks like a beautiful place in the spring. Hope you’re staying well and will see the other side of this soon.

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