Last spring, visiting Erin in Prague.
Charles Bridge Waking up at sunrise to beat the crowds to Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

David Černý Brown-NosersGiant butts by Černý! Not gonna lie- this was my number 1 tourist destination.

Belzepub PragueBurgers at Belzepub. Erin’s boyfriend Honza is vegan and took us to a lot of cool places.

PraguePrague’s narrowest street in Malá Strana- so cute. Kafka statue by Jaroslav Róna near the Spanish Synagogue.

Couple of big babies. (Černý again)

We didn’t stay here but this hotel belongs in a Wes Anderson movie.

Matej Kren’s sculpture of books spiraling to the ceiling at the Prague Library. The mirror inside makes it look like a tunnel of INFINITE BOOKS.

I wish this fountain were at the entrance of my home. Two bronze men swivel-pissing. Černý.

‘Praha’ the sitcom. Ghostie is the star. Huff, huff.

Cool thing I learned- instead of saying ‘woof woof’ people say ‘huff huff’

From Erin’s diary comic about moving to/living in Prague. Taken at Strecha brunch which was delicious.

The AirBnB we stayed at was the first floor of this building and it was perfect, located in Žižkov. Erin’s fellow ex-pats kept saying ‘Deep Žiž’ but I mis-heard ‘Deep Jizz’

Embryo in a drainpipe. Hanging Man. Our last night, walking around.

Goodnight, beautiful Prague.

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