2018 in a Nutshell

One of my friends keeps all his old photographs which I find super charming. 100s of photos on my phone or social media are NOT as special as physical photos. There’s a sadness to how overdocumented yet somehow more disposable our memories are today. I guess that’s why I still like having this space– blogging is the old school option for capturing memories in the digital age. I’m gonna start posting regularly again, getting really personal and embarrassing. In honor of less curated snaps on Instagram and more LiveJournal 1999, here’s a slightly fuzzy selfie of me ‘n’ Dean about to go to my work’s Christmas party! Currently, 2018’s got me feeling negative, sluggish, and lonely but I know it’s just been another year of highs and lows.

In February, one of my best friends Nate died. I’m thankful I was able to spend New Year’s 2018 with him and my core Seattle crew. It’s still incredibly painful. There’ve been so many times I’ve seen one of our in-jokes pop up or a movie I know he’d love, or just something that would’ve made him laugh. Miss him so much.

My social life has been in constant flux since moving to Athens. After being friend-dumped by my longtime bestie James a couple years ago, it was really healing to have a new bestie in Erin. She moved to Prague at the beginning of the year after setting me up with all sorts of great people. I spent lots of this year watching movies with Kris and Jason.

I wasn’t planning to leave my job at Flagpole but an opportunity came up and I surprised myself by going for it. My new job (an AV company) has been challenging and exciting. I miss everyone at Flagpole’s beautiful haunted house though. Alongside Erin, that job helped me tap into to everything I love about living here.

Ending on a sweet note, one of my best friends Kristine got married in November! The only moment that makes me believe in fate is the moment the two of us were randomly placed together as freshman roommates. She is the closest I have to a sister. She and Travis are so well-matched it is UNREAL. I’m honored to have been a bridesmaid at their wedding, and so thankful to have her in my life all these years.

This New Year’s Resolutions: (I gotta post more about this later)

☆ Build a giant maneki neko. Yes! I made him in a rush for Experimentique Night at the beginning of the year, then freshened him up for Catfest, a cat-themed art show at Trio Gallery (sadly, now closed).
Paint the House Pink. Yes! This is the only part of the house we didn’t paint ourselves (save a few window sills). Thank you, Ethan and Madison!
☆ Mend garbage clothes. Yes! Buttons resewn, tears stitched up, old clothes dyed black.
☆ Beat 2017 AthHalf Time. Yes! I was 31 minutes faster than last year and I had a beer at the beginning of the race. Hahaaa! I’m still really slow.
☆ Buy pants I don’t hate. Yes! SWEATPANTS.
☆ Befriend Messi the cat. Yes! I got to catsit Jason’s cat Messi twice. He still bites me sometimes but he likes me enough to nap with me.
☆ Dress Olive up as a garden gnome. Yes! She was the cutest little gnome.
☆ New York. Yes! Kristine and Travis’s wedding. Also saw David, Rusty, and Sam. Also made myself sick eating too many delicious foods.
☆ Prague. Yes! Dean and I visited Erin. We ate ice cream and crawled into big butt sculptures. Hahaaa! She and Honza came to visit us in September.
☆ The Beach. Yes! I went to Hunting Island with my mom and her old friend Ifetayo, then Dean and I went to Myrtle Beach for our anniversary.

I guess I’ll have to post more later. Dean and I are off to eat Indian food for our last meal of this year. Wishing everyone a safe end of this year and start of year. ❤️

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