Flamingo Ranch

My dreams of living in Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace have come true, junior sized! It’s not a trap house and it’s definitely not Mellencamp. A couple notes of gratitude:
1. I’m thankful for a husband who not only tolerates my color choices, but enthusiastically encourages bold color.
2. We’re both INCREDIBLY thankful that we hired Erin’s good friend Ethan instead of painting the house ourselves. What a luxury to have a pro come in with his level of efficiency and attention to detail.

We invited a bunch of friends over for the first time since our Hausu-versary and I was like, ok. I’m gonna document this whole thing… but I drank too many tiny beers and missed a couple people. Anyway, we’re very grateful for our friends and our freshly pink house! 😆

(The first and last photos are taken at dusk. The middle photos are taken in the middle of a sunny Sunday. I love how the pink gets extra rosy in the sun!)

3 thoughts on “Flamingo Ranch

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