See Rock City

We’d wanted to see Rock City for ages but it was only after reading American Gods that we finally made plans with our friends and went. If you’re into roadside attractions, this is a classic. There are ancient rock formations, 100s of plant species, and panoramic views like you wouldn’t believe. BUT THE NATURAL BEAUTY IS INSEPARABLE FROM A HEALTHY DOSE OF KITSCH– swinging bridges, rainbow halls, elves around every corner, and the Fairyland Caverns. It is truly a marvel of nature and not-nature. I hope it never changes!

Lover’s Leap!

Library crew, holding up several tons of rock

Apparently, this claim is unproven but, hey.

“Fat Man’s Squeeze”

You enter the Fairyland Caverns through the “Diamond Hall” and this incredible ceiling covered in coral (I think real coral?!). Really beautiful.

I straight up shrieked in delight when we turned the corner to see these day glo fairy tale dioramas. It is my blacklit heaven on earth.

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