North Carolina Weddin

I’ve been driving for a little over four years now and I hate it more than ever. But I love road trips more than ever too! Last spring, my mom was back in the states for two family weddings so we were able to go on a fun weekend up toward North Carolina. Snaps from the road!

Rescued roadside signs and statues at Piggy’s and Harry’s in Hendersonville, I loved this place so much!

Stopping off in Asheville at the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. Me ‘n’ Dean are anti “nice” places but this bookstore is gorgeous and, like, we couldn’t NOT drink fahncy cocktails here? Mom got “The Secret Garden,” Dean got “The Great Gatsby,” I ordered “Death in the Afternoon.”

My cousin Corey and his bride Tess tie the knot!

Mom hitched a ride back North with my Uncle Jim; Dean and I started a late night trip back home. We booked an adorable tiny home on AirBnb but arrived in the dark and passed out almost immediately after arriving. We woke up to SEE ALPACA OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW!!! EEEee!

Smiley face field on the drive home. Until next time, NC!

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