AthFest 2017

Last year, I kept a comics diary of AthFest and thought I’d post some of those sketches with the festival coming up again (this week!). It’s funny to look back on these cuz 1. AthFest was totally Erin’s thing and this was her last one before moving overseas. I’ll miss seeing her tirelessly bouncing around! 2. A LOT has changed in one year. Couples have changed, people have moved away, Lingua Franca is now Linqua Franqa… I didn’t even know one of my closest friends in town at this point!
LOL. I danced out my last drop of energy and totally quit drawing here… regrettable now that this was probably the most I’ll ever cram into an AthFest weekend. Fun things I didn’t get around to drawing: Jason at the Caledonia day show, ice cream, brunch at Hi-Lo (“It’s fucking up my rods ‘n’ cones!”), cat photo exchange. :D

4 thoughts on “AthFest 2017

  1. Cat photo exchange sounds promising. Too bad it wasn’t documented comics diary-style.

    (Georgia seems much cooler now than I remember it being.)

    • A girl named Soula (not sure how it’s spelled) had recently adopted a giant-eyed kitten named James Bond. You’re always welcome at our little ranch if you find yourself in Georgia again!

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