The Tang Dynasty Staycation

Erin, my partner in crime, has moved to Prague and I thought posting some photos would be a better use of my time than lying around feeling sorry for myself. These are from an early Sunday morning last March.
(Don’t blame me for someone else’s grammar, nerds.)

We started at the Pulaski tracks which I like best in the colder months. Less people and less bugs in the tall grass.

Kitty Cat Friends Fur-eva!

Redneck Beach used to be more tucked away but new construction means it’s now visible from the road. I still think this man-made waterfall is really special tho. We waded across, shrieking the whole way as the freezing water numbed our feet and ankles.

The ruins of a 200-year-old cotton mill.

Lingering rays of sunshine as the clouds started to roll in and we headed out for pancakes at The Grit. A perfect morning of sightseeing around town!

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