Back to Nashville

Yep! I’d just seen Nashville for the first time with my in-laws last spring, then I went back for a weekend trip in the fall with my library ladies, Lane and Erin. I say “Library Ladies” since the three of us used to work at the Athens public library. Good times!
(Man, I miss my long hair…)

Pinewood Social, a bright stylish brunch place AND bowling alley! I thought the can art was pretty cool. Not pictured: five waiters with the same hair-do, longer and flipped on top, short on the sides. Lane’s friend Kyshona met us early for breakfast and a walk around a park. Like Lane, she’s a talented singer.

Third Man Records. That animatronic monkey band! Also, Erin and I cut our own record in the Voice-o-Graph that is mostly us laugh-singing “Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-basketball.” Hahaaa!

Margaritas and burritos with Rae and her husband Travis at Rosepepper Cantina. I’d been reading Rae’s blog for a couple years so it was fun to meet her in real life! She and Travis are fellow animal lovers with great taste in movies and roadside attractions. PS: They recently became cool parents.

Barista Parlor with Callie! I love meeting weird, unique ladies.

And of course, we library ladies had to pay a visit to Nashville’s library. I’d checked it out with Dean but it was cool to spend more time there. The whole children’s section is super fun. There’s a Wayne White/student collab sculpture where you can crank around the eyeballs.

More of Lane’s fun, talented pals. She’s got a lot of ’em.

Last view: the jade art deco men’s room at the Hermitage Hotel. A feast for the eyes if ever there was one. Until next time, Nashville!

6 thoughts on “Back to Nashville

  1. i’m glad we got to hang out! these posts are making me want to blog again. also, i’m glad you guys made a record! i always thought i needed something really important to record to do it, haha!

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